How To Pay The Doctor Bill

I wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee, and ponder HOW TO PAY FOR MY DOCTOR. As I’m doing my choirs, feeding the Chickens and Goats, I wonder how I’m going to PAY MY DOCTOR. As I’m plotting ways of selling off everything I own, so I CAN PAY MY DOCTOR. I plan ways of going off grid so I CAN PAY MY DOCTOR. As I’m planting vegetables and expanding my food supply to cut the cost of food SO I CAN PAY MY DOCTOR. Then as I’m working on my car, changing my oil, and replacing a broken fan belt, SO I CAN PAY MY DOCTOR. As I’m installing batteries and solar panels and solar heat collectors to GET OFF THE GRID, SO I CAN PAY MY DOCTOR. I’m watching the news as the LAW MAKERS FIND WAYS so I CAN PAY MY DOCTORS. I’m learning as much as I can from the INTERNET to survive before SELLING IT OFF, so I CAN PAY MY DOCTORS. I’m watching the country fold and sequestration take hold so I CAN PAY MY DOCTORS. I’m old and feeble and not much use to anyone, but I try to find a second job SO I CAN PAY MY DOCTORS. I’m ruining the local economy I know, but I have to PAY MY DOCTORS.

Trickery At The Ballot Box

What segment of society are you appealing to if you campaign to eliminate personal weapons from the populace? The military is equipped with the most lethal kinds of weapons and could easily overwhelm any threat with powerful small and large weapons. We really don’t stand a chance to stand up to a tyrant in office even if we had the desire to do so. Letting the citizenry have access to defensive weapons would be a token gesture on the part of our esteemed government. The real threat comes from arms companies selling high-tech weapons to the highest bidders across the globe. When a government wants to secure the liberal vote, they go after gun rights, (a simple campaigning gimmick.) They may not mean it, but they use emotional triggers to get people to the ballot box simply for the sake of securing a power base that has nothing to do with representing those people whom they are tricking into voting for them at the ballot box.


AFL-CIO , (the umbrella group to all major union’s,) is pushing for a minimum wage increase.  Why would they want that?  Not because it directly helps their cause any, no, why would they push minimum wages closer to their own wages?

Let’s go back a ways.  Back to when all the money disappeared from our economy and jobs started disappearing.  The Money People are Mad as Hell and Not Going To Take It Anymore!

What would cause money to disappear from the wealthiest nation on earth.  Follow the money trail.   CEO’s are getting bigger bonus’s than in the history of the planet.

Pensions and health benefits are being or have already been eliminated from the labor class.  Why?  They are the labor class.  Let them eat cake or we’ll outsource to China, India, and any other under developed nation on the planet including sweatshop’s located in the San Francisco Bay on Barges.

Unions know that their wages are indexed to the minimum wage.  So, damned the torpedo’s full speed ahead.

In the George Bush Jr. Reign, there were several key things that happened to push us into a recession/depression.

Even before that, a critical change was made to the Banking Industry, the elimination of the Glass/Steagall changed the required minimum reserve ratio banks had to keep in the way of cash to prevent  a 1933 recession style run on banks.

Now Banks can invest in anything safe or unsafe, can you say and understand derivatives, the money people keep in checking accounts, savings accounts, pension accounts,  and if the Banks fail, the taxpayer is required to bail them out, look what’s going on now with economic easing!!!  The Federal Reserve keeps printing money to cover the problem, that is inflation! That lowers everyone in the labor classes standard of living and we are the one’s paying our taxes!

Rape of the Tax-Paying-Citizen was set up by Ronald Wilson Reagan  and The George Bush Father and Son team.  Now, all you have to do to Bankrupt the Unions, is, start a war that depletes the General Fund, bankrupt the economy with a never-ending war in the middle east where our resources are being funneled, and allow large corporations to enjoy off-shore mailboxes to prevent them from paying taxes that support the American Infrastructure, and for that matter the rest of the world.  So, the corporations have deferments from paying for the war, that’s left to the Tax Paying Labor Class citizen to pay for.

OK, now you can justify the Chained-CPI that steals more from the retiring Baby-Boom generation, (Son’s and Daughter’s of the Greatest Generation,)  who followed their military parents all over the world,  who depend on Social Security for one leg of their retirement.  Increase the cost of Health Care using Mitt Romney’s Single Payer system and call it Obama Care and now everyone is dirt poor, even the up and coming rich are poor, because they can’t get an offshore account to protect themselves from the high-cost-of-living that was brought on by the intentional bankrupting the American Government.   This was Malice Aforethought by those who attend the Bohemian Grove.

What you have to ask yourself, is who is our Governing body representing, Off-Shore Billionaires, or the public?


More to come.